Secondary Counselor

Secondary Counselor: Lori Caffey is our Junior High and High School Counselor for grades 7-12
She can be reached by calling 573-762-9653, ext. 4003 or by email
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In compliance with Mo. Rev. Statute 170.045, Newburg High School students will participate in the Teen Safety Matters Program on November 21 & 22, 2022. This statute states:

1. In school year 2020-21 and in each school year thereafter, each school district shall provide trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate sexual abuse training to students in all grades not lower than sixth grade. School districts must include in the training the following:
(1) Instruction providing students with the knowledge and tools to recognize sexual abuse;
(2) Instruction providing students with the knowledge and tools to report an incident of sexual abuse;
(3) Actions that a student who is a victim of sexual abuse could take to obtain assistance and intervention; and
(4) Available resources for students affected by sexual abuse.

Mo. Rev. Stat. § 170.045

If you DO NOT want your student to participate in this program, please complete the Opt-Out form given to your student and return it to the counseling office no later than November 18.