District Calendar 2024-2025

Four-Day School Week: Frequently Asked Questions

End of Quarters: October 13, December 22, March 7, May 24

May 29-June 27, 2024Summer School
August 12-16Work Days/PD DaysSchool Closed for Students
August 15Meet the TeacherOpen house 4:30pm – 7:00pm
August 20First Day of School
August 28PD DaySchool Closed for Students
September 2Labor DaySchool Closed
September 16PD DaySchool Closed for Students
September 18Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
September 23 and 30Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
October 7Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
October 14PD DaySchool Closed for Students
October 21Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
October 25Parent Teacher Conferences and Early ReleaseSchool Closed for Students
October 28Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
November 4PD DaySchool Closed for Students
November 11Veterans Day ObservedSchool Closed
November 18Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
November 27 – 29Thanksgiving BreakSchool Closed
December 2Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
December 9Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
December 16PD DaySchool Closed for Students
December 25-January 5Winter BreakSchool Closed
January 6PD DaySchool Closed for Students
January 13Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
January 20MLK DaySchool Closed
January 26Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
February 4PD DaySchool Closed for Students
February 10Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
February 17Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
February 24Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
March 3PD DaySchool Closed for Students
March 10Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
March 17Parent Teacher ConferencesSchool Closed for Students
March 24Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
March 27Early ReleaseSchool Closed
March 28-31Spring BreakSchool Closed
April 7PD DaySchool Closed for Students
April 14Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
April 18Good FridaySchool Closed
April 21Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
April 28Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
May 5Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
May 12Four-Day WeekSchool Closed
May 18Graduation
May 23Last day of SchoolEarly Release (1:00 Dismissal)
May 26Memorial DaySchool Closed
May 29-June 27, 2024Summer SchoolSchool Closed

Full School Days: 148 Days
Hours per Full School Day: 7.55 Hours (7:55 – 3:53)
Early Dismissal Days: 3 Days
Hours per Early Dismissal: 4.66 Hours (7:55 – 1:00)
Total Student Hours: 1111.62 Hours

School Days: 148 Days + 10 Days extended daily time
PD Days: 13 Days
Open House and Parent Teacher Conferences: 2 Day equivalent
Safer Adults Online Training: 1 Day equivalent
Total Teacher Days: 176 Days