Tracy Kingsley
762-WOLF (9653), press 7

Leo Clark
Elementary Principal
762-WOLF (9653), press 3

Kyle Tallant
High School Principal

762-WOLF (9653), press 2

Office Staff

Jeanie Richardson
Central Office – Bookkeeper and Payroll
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 1003

Shannon Ross
Central Office – Administrative Assistant
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 1002

Angel Dunham
Elementary – Interim Administrative Assistant
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 2002

Sarah Gaedke
High School – Administrative Assistant
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 4002

Donna Wiese


Chrissy Adams
Elementary Counselor

Lori Caffey
High School Counselor


Dena Smith
Director of Special Education

Emily Mathis
Pre-K Teacher (3 YO), PEEP/ECSE

Aleatha Lollis
3rd Grade Para

Pam Gaedke

Holly Simon

Dan Tupper

Riley Guffey
Speech Implementer

Ashley Miller
Elementary Special Education Teacher

Trista Hance
High School Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Batchler
High School Special Education Para

Angela Mercer
Title 1 Reading Teacher

Leomie Shockley
Title I Math Teacher

Jalena Lott
Title I Para

Davita Smith
Elementary Para

Sydney Hulbert
Kindergarten Teacher

Sydney Stevens
1st Grade Teacher

Jessica Crider
1st Grade Teacher

Kelsey Sbabo
2nd Grade Teacher

Lorianne Melton
3rd Grade

Elizabeth Rowe
4th and 5th Grade ELA Teacher

Roxann Butler
4th and 5th Grade Science and Social Studies
Kindergarten-5th Grade STEM Teacher

Teresa West
4th and 5th Grade Math Teacher

Tyler Benson
6th – 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Kristen Lierz
6th Grade Science Teacher
6th – 8th PLTW Engineering
High School Math

Dianne Martin
6th – 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Faith Ford
6th – 8th Grade ELA Teacher

Matt Neal
Junior High PLTW CS Teacher
High School PLTW Teacher

Brian Heldenbrand
High School English Teacher

Joe Herdade
High School Social Studies Teacher

Jacqueline Jackson
High School Science Teacher

Carrie Walden
High School Mathematics Teacher

Coourtney Bryant
7th – 9th Grade Science Teacher

David Peery
Launch and Foreign Language Teacher

Taylor Strain
Agricultural Science Teacher

Matthew Wisdom
9th Grade ELA Teacher

Kalise Boeringa
Kindergarten – 12th Grade Music Teacher

Mikaela Donnelly
4th and 5th Grade Reading

Niki Guffey
Art Teacher

Amanda Peery
Art Teacher

Kaitlin Benson
Kindergarten – 12th Grade PE Teacher

Kobi Wands
Kindergarten – 12th Grade PE Teacher

William Coyne


Whitney Elseman
School Nurse
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 3601

Karl Doerr
Director of Maintenance and Custodial Operations
Bus Driver

Nate Millberg
Custodial Operations

Kyle Smith
Custodial Operations

Kathleen Hinds
Custodial Operations

Kathy Walters
Custodial Operations

Lonnie Wofford
Director of Transportation

Debbie Barnes
Bus Driver

Tom Campbell
Bus Driver

Ron Reagan
Bus Driver

Doug Ross
Bus Driver

Rachael Headrick
Director of Opaa! Food Services

Darlene Gaedke
Opaa! Cook

Jessica Mitchell
Opaa! Cook

Director of Technology
762-WOLF (9653), Ext. 1101