Registration Information

Check with the elementary school office for the exact date and the required documentation for registration. Parents may also call to make an appointment to register their children during regular school hours on any day following the start of registration. Children do not need to come for the registration.

Before the start of the school year there are several opportunities for the incoming kindergateners and their parents to get acquainted with Newburg Elementary, and to make the transition to kindergarten easier. Beginning in the summer, Newburg Elementary has summer school. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to meet the kindergarten teachers, make new friends, and learn the procedures of how the school system works. Although, summer school is a bit more relaxed than regular school. During this time students are in class situation with other soon-to-be kindergarteners and become familiar with the classrooms, teachers, the layout of the school and the routine of a kindergaten day. Teachers are able to see how the students work in a group and provide individual assesments of each child. The teacher who performs the informal assesment may not be the teacher your child will have for kindergarten but will be one of the kindergarten teachers on staff at Newburg.

By early-August, parents should receive a Back-To-School packet through the mail containing a letter welcoming their child to Newburg and a check-off list indicating what is still missing to complete the child’s registration and a Back-To-School newsletter. The first week of school will be busy. The school’s handbook for parents and students will also be sent home. A special orientation for parents of kindergarten students will be held in August, usually a few days before classes actually begin. This will provide an opportunity to meet the teachers and become familiar with the classrooms and instructional program.

The big event before the start of the school year is the Open House. This is an evening for students in kindergarten through the 6th grades and their parents to come to the school to visit the classrooms, put away school supplies in cubbies and/or their desk and ask any last minute questions before the opening day of school. This is an evening for teachers and parents to talk about the kindergarten curriculum, school policies, schedules, answer questions, etc. Be sure not to miss it!

Please feel free to contact the school office with any questions by calling 762-WOLF (9653) ext. 1101 to reach the elementary office.