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Specialization and More Electives for Sixth Graders


Dear Parents/Guardians:Dear Parents/Guardians:

We have some exciting news for our 6th graders! The 7-12 Master Schedule has been updated and renewed which has opened up some amazing opportunities for our 6th grade students.

In the process of updating our Master Schedule, it became clear that with a few adjustments we could bring our 6th graders into the fold. This will allow our 6th graders to have specialized core classes, more dynamic elective classes, and an increased focus on math, science, and history.

This approach has been tried and tested in districts across our state. The results show the potential for significant increases in math scores as well as the ability to focus on higher-order thinking skills.

Change can be wonderful and at the same time bring lots of questions. Below you will find a series of questions/answers to help us all understand what fantastic opportunities are in store.

Will my student still have a home room? Absolutely! Yes! Each morning during breakfast time, your student will have access to their home room teacher and classroom. Their home room teacher will continue to monitor and closely watch over each student while being your main contact for all information and any concerns.

Will my student be in classes with older kids? No. Core classes will be as they have been in the past. The exception may be that in an elective class, for example guitar or drumline, your student may be in a class with a few older students.

Is the 6th grade being turned into a Middle School? No. Your student will still be enrolled in our elementary.

Will my student have all high school teachers now? They will have certified teachers who will provide greater focus on core subjects. We have always had teachers who taught K-12. They will simply have more teachers each day, allowing your student to have specialized teaching to better meet their needs.

What new electives will my 6th graders have access to? PE and Guitar is being offered 1st hour and Computer/Publications is offered 6th hour. In addition, band will be every day and a full 50 minutes. Some student schedules may allow drumline as well.

Will my 6th grader still get recess? Absolutely! In addition to PE there is a 26 minute recess and Wolf Time offered late-afternoon each day.

What about lunchtime? Lunch schedules are adjusted each year depending on enrollment. Your 6th grader will eat at approximately the same time.

If I have questions, who should I contact? Even during Summer all administrators are on call to gladly answer any questions you have. Feel free to call Mr. Mudd or Mr. Juliano at 573-762-9653. Sample schedule on back of this sheet- Here is a sample of what a student schedule might look like- You will be receiving a phone call in the next few weeks to create a schedule for your child.

1st- Hour: PE/Health or Guitar or Drumline
2nd Hour: Band or Art
3rd Hour: Science or Social Studies
4th Hour: Math or English
5th Hour: Science or Social Studies
6th Hour: Computer/Publications
7th Hour: Math or English