Special Education Personal Aide

Newburg R-II School District is seeking two full-time Special Education Personal Aides.

Since the position of a special education personal aide is a sensitive one, it is important for people to possess 60 hours in higher education and some understanding of working with people with mental, emotional and physical disabilities.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Assist special education teacher in developing classroom curriculum based on individual students’ needs
  • Provide support in imparting specialized education based on lesson plans
  • Perform specialized tasks to achieve instructional and behavioral objectives
  • Assist special education teacher with behavior modification procedures
  • Assist students with personal care needs such as toileting, clothing, hygiene and washing up routines
  • Help students with their mobility needs and ensure provision of a safe classroom environment
  • Provide instructions based on lesson plans and assist individual students in comprehending concepts
  • Monitor students during activities and downtime and intervene in case of adverse activities
  • Assist students at lunch time by providing help with opening lunch boxes and drinking water
  • Adapt to classroom activities and assignments to serve the purpose of reinforcing classroom objectives
  • Communicate with students to determine their needs and ensure that they are fulfilled properly
  • Assist lead teacher in developing and adapting conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of students
  • Observe students for changes in behavior or physical health and report observations to lead teacher
  • Meet parents and guardians to discuss student’s progress and provide feedback
  • Create and submit student observation reports
  • Supervise and assist students during indoor and outdoor activities


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