7-9 Grade Science: Mr. Lott

Welcome to Science!

Contact Information

Andrew Lott-Newburg R-2

701 Wolf Pride Drive

PO Box C

Newburg, Mo 65550

Phone: 573-762-9653  Ext. 1317

Email: alott@newburg.k12.mo.us


Progress Reports (Parent Portal/STI):

All students’ grades will be posted on STI where parents can access them through the parent portal.

Web Address: https://166183.stiinformationnow.com/InformationNOW/Login.aspx


My conference hour is 4th hour from 10:50am-11:40am. If parents need to meet with me concerning grades of their child or any other reason, please let me know in advance preferably by email.


These courses are designed to engage students in scientific practices as they experience, investigate, and explain phenomena while learning core ideas of science. Rather than memorizing facts, students build understanding by connecting ideas across disciplines and across the middle grades. These courses will provide coherence which will help students to build understanding through a progression within each grade level and across grade levels. Learning critical concepts and practices across content areas and grades provides with opportunities to develop, reinforce, and use their understandings on an ongoing basis throughout their high school years.

Necessary Supplies:

All students will be required to have a “composition notebook” to record and take notes in. Notebooks will also serve as a basis for completing homework assignments. Notebooks will be collected periodically for grading. Students will be responsible for getting notes that they have missed from other students.

Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

  • I expect all students to treat others and myself the same way that they wish to be treated.
  • I have “zero-tolerance” for bullying so I don’t want to see it or even suspect that you are being a bully.
  • Cell phones are not to be out during class time. However, occasionally students can use their cell phones as calculators. Students who abuse privileges will have phones taken away and privileges revoked.
  • Before class begins, students should be seated in their seats with their composition notebook, pen/pencil, and quietly working on bell ringer prompt. Also, the bell does not dismiss you; the bell is for forgetful teachers.

Classroom Rules:

  • Raise your hand and wait quietly to be called upon
  • Respect lab safety procedures
  • Bring all necessary supplies to class
  • Follow directions carefully
  • Come prepared to participate and learn on a daily basis


Assignments will be assigned periodically. Students are expected to take any assignments home and bring them back to class the following day COMPLETED! Students will also be given time at the end of class to complete assignments. They are expected to use that time wisely.


We will be performing labs on a daily basis throughout the course of the year. Horseplay, carelessness, recklessness, and all other forms of misbehavior will not be tolerated in the lab. You will have no warnings! First offense will result in immediate removal from the lab for that day. If the same student has repeated offenses, they will no longer be allowed to participate in labs.

At the start of the school year, students will be taught lab safety guidelines and procedures that will be expected of them while conducting labs. The lab safety guidelines and procedures are here to ensure the safety of the students involved in the participation of labs.

Group Work:

There will be several times throughout the course of the year in which students will be split up into groups. Whether it is for labs or assignments, all students within the group will be required to contribute to the group. No groups should have only one or two students doing all of the work. If a student fails to contribute to the group, they will receive a zero for the lab or assignment.




Absences and make-up work:

Students who are absent because of illness, funeral, doctors appointment, or any other excused absence or emergency must pick up an admit slip from the office the day they return. Students will then have 1 day for each day they were absent to make-up missing assignments. However, it will be the student’s responsibility to come to me for all missing work. I will not hunt you down! For example, if a student was sick for 3 days, they would then have 3 days to make-up all missing work once they return to school.


Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If suspected of cheating or plagiarizing another student’s work, that student will automatically receive a zero on the assignment and the offense will then be reported to the office for further repercussion. This includes copying each other’s homework assignments and labs!


All students must be in their seats with all necessary supplies once the bell rings for class to begin. If a student is not in their seat or walks in late to class they will be considered tardy. All students will have 1 “free pass” for the year that will be used on their first offense. After the first offense, students will be asked to pick up a tardy slip from the office. If a student needs to use the restroom, they are to do so in between classes. If they are afraid of being tardy, they are to let me know beforehand.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe effective learning is best achieved through effective “hands-on” activities. I want my students to explore the world around them through scientific exploration and experimentation. We will be conducting many different labs and activities throughout the course of the year that will help your child learn the material through experience instead of simply reading content from a textbook.

As a science teacher, it is my job to ensure that all students remain safe at all times in my classroom. With that in mind, the safety of my students is my top priority during any lab and as such I take lab safety very seriously. Throughout this year your student will be participating in labs that may possibly require them to handle chemicals, be around open flames, create circuits using electrical currents, and a variety of other items. I assure you that all necessary precautions will be taken during the course of these labs, and any chemicals used in my classroom will adhere to safety protocols set down by the American Chemical Society (ACS) for lab safety in science classrooms.

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope your child gains a new interest for science through this class and its activities. I look forward to having your child in my class!

Mr. Andrew Lott