Bus Routes and Transportation Procedures

Bus routes and their respective snow routes are listed below.

“Snow routes” mean school is in session but the buses are only running on the snow routes. Parents who don’t live on these roads will need to arrange to get their students to and from school by some other means or to arrange with the bus driver to meet the bus at an alternate location along the route.

Student Conduct on Buses

The safety of students during their transportation to and from school is a responsibility which they and their parents/guardians share with the bus drivers and school officials. Therefore, the rules of student conduct will be issued to all students at the beginning of the school year, and to new students upon enrollment.


Times May Vary – Students that live on our main route may catch the bus at their driveways. Be patient and ready for the Bus first day of Summer School.

BUS #3- Tracy Enke
Leave school at 6:50
Bus stops:
Lakeside Drive time-7:05
CO RD 8180/8170 time-7:10
Affolter’s Trailers on 8170 time-7:13
Crossroads 8172/8260/8240/8280 time-7:15
C Highway/Shoal Runner/Outer Road time 7:20
Cookin From Scratch time 7:23
T/Schofer{behind Cookin from Scratch}Eisenhower//T 7:27
T/Lee St time-7:30
School 7:35 For breakfast

Bus # 5 Debbie Barnes
Leaves school at 6:33
I/44 to J Exit Right on Powellville Rd 6:45
Proceed to Jerome
Baptist Church 6:57
Left on Maple to 2nd/Cherry Intersection 7:00
Proceed to Oak ST, Right to D Hwy
Left on D Hwy to River Access Rd, Left on Pine 7:02 proceed to D Hwy, make a right turn to
Proceed to Apostolic Church- 7:03
Down Oak St 7:05 proceed to D Hwy right on D
Leaving Jerome, proceed to Jerome Overpass 7:08
I-44/Sugar Tree Overpass-time 7:15
Proceed on Eisenhower 7:20 to T Hwy
Left on T Left to Schofer St {by bank} to Bradley St right on Eisenhower 7:25
Left on MacArthur/ 7:28
MacArthur to School 7:33 for breakfast

Bus #9 Gary Duhadway Edgar Springs
Bus leaves school at 6:10 to Kentuck Church
Friends Saw Mill 7500/ T Highway 6:30
Flat Church 6:35
Edgar Springs School-time 6:40
Conoco Station 6:50
Intersection of HWY M to J 7:05
Intersection M and Crossroad Store & J 7:15
P/J Junction 7:25
Clementine Road 7:28
P Hwy to School 7:38 for breakfast

School will dismiss daily at 2:30
Bus number may vary due to bus maintenance