Newburg Game Club

Welcome to the Newburg Game Club!  This is an after school club that is open for any students in grades 9-12. The event is from 3:20-6:00pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week in the spare room next Mr. Jessen’s choir room.  All we do is relax, socialize, and play some games.  It is a great place to unwind and have good times with your buds.  Below is the permission form. This MUST be signed and returned before you can attend the club.  For any questions about the club or events please contact Max Neff at

Click here to view the permission form


Currently an after school LAN Party is being planned.  This will be an event where students grades 7-12 may bring their own TV and Console/Computer setups so that we can all play together.  I will also be hosting my own Smash Bros. Tournament during the event.  Tentative date is Friday, May 11th.