Scholarship Information

Updated for the 2017-2018 school year. Apply now!

Don’t forget to also fill out your FAFSA!
ECC’s Rolla campus will be holding several FAFSA nights where they will help you fill out your FAFSA! From 5:00-6:30pm they will help you, whether you’re going to ECC or not! The last date is November 30th. For more information, please see Ms. Large.
Need help planning for college and figuring out expenses? Check out THIS link for some ideas. And as always, see Ms. Large if you have any questions.

Most Valuable Student Scholarship – $4,000-$50,000
Due November 27
The 2018 Most Valuable Student scholarship contest is open to any high school senior who is a US Citizen. Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. The 20 top finalists will participate in an all expenses paid Leadership Weekend in Chicago during which they’ll interview with the national judges. These 20 finalists will be vying for two first-place awards of $50,000; two second-place awards of $40,000; and two third-place awards of $30,000. The remaining 14 finalists will receive awards of $20,000. The 480 runners-up will receive fifth-place scholarships of $4,000.

Show-Me Chapter Scholarship – $2,000
Due November 27
All applicants must write an essay on the chosen essay topic for the year as well as fill out the application and provide 2 letters of recommendation. Student must major in a conservation or natural resource-related field such as soil science, land use planning, forestry, wildlife management, fisheries, agricultural engineering, hydrology, rural sociology, agronomy, water management, agricultural economics, biology, agricultural education, or related environmental protection or resource management curricula. Applicants must attend, or plan to attend, a college or university that is properly accredited by national or regional accrediting bodies, or their equivalence. Financial need will not be a factor in selection.

Americanism Essay Contest – Various Amounts
Due December 1
Essay writing contest. Write 350 words on what ‘Patriotism means to me’ and turn it into the local branch. Click HERE for more information or see the link above.

John T. Belcher Scholarship – $1,000
Due December 15
MSBA FutureBuilders established the scholarship program in memory of John T. Belcher, who was instrumental in developing innovative financing programs for Missouri school districts. The learning environment for thousands of Missouri’s public school students improved as a result of his work. A $1000 annual scholarship is awarded to a student in each of MSBA’s 17 regions. Applicants are judged on the basis of academic performance, extracurricular activities and the quality of an essay. A statewide winner is selected from this group of regional winners and awarded an additional $1500.
To apply, fill out THIS application and turn it into Ms. Large.

Due December 15
Imagine a world — just 30 short years from now — in which no one knows how to build a house or fix a leaky toilet. America’s facing a problem that could make that kind of situation a reality: High school and college students have stopped pursuing careers in important skilled labor trades like plumbing, carpentry, and heating and cooling. As a result, there is a shortage of younger workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to take the place of older, retiring workers. HomeAdvisor will award a $5,000 scholarship to three students who can devise a creative solution to America’s skilled labor crisis — further detailed in HomeAdvisor’s 2016 Skilled Labor Shortage Report — by answering two questions found on their site.

ACT Student Champion Award – $500
Due December 31
The ACT College and Career Readiness Student Champion is tenacious and persistent, no matter the challenge, and is prepared for life after high school with a goal in mind and a plan in place. A student who has overcome challenges and can articulate education and career actions. Students must have a composite ACT score of a 22 on a single test date or a 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale. Preference will be given to underrepresented or first-generation college students.

Quest for Education – $1,000
Due January 5
We award ten $1,000 scholarships to young VCU members who qualify, to be paid to the recipients’ chosen accredited college or university at the time of fall registration. One scholarship is awarded per recipient, and funds can be used for books and tuition.

Due March 1st
Since the inception of The American Legion Legacy Scholarship in 2001 following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The American Legion has offered its support to the children of fallen post-9/11 service members through this scholarship. Beginning with the 2017 award year, The American Legion expanded the scholarship to include children of VA-rated, post-9/11 veterans with a combined disability rating of 50 percent or higher. Our organization remains committed to honoring the memory and service of our fallen and disabled comrades by ensuring their children are afforded the best possible educational opportunities.

Lions Club – Doolittle – $200
Due March 30
Please see Ms. Large for more information and the scholarship application.

Lions Club – Rolla – $1,000
Due March 30
Please see Ms. Large for more information and the scholarship application.

MO-SCI Foundation Dr. Planje Scholarships – $2,000 (2)
Due March 30
Please see Ms. Large for more information and the scholarship application.

Patriot Guard Riders Scholarship – $2,500
Due April 1
This scholarship is available to MO students who are the sons or daughters of those who have either 1) given their lives in the line of duty, 2) Been honorably discharged after their time of service, or 3) veterans or first responders disabled in the line of duty. To apply, fill out the application form and send the necessary information to the MO Patriot Guard Riders.

Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship – $750 (2)
Due April 20
Eligible are individuals who are currently members of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion, or a descendant of a member of any thereof. Applicants must be unmarried, a resident of Missouri, under the age of 21, and must use the scholarship as a full-time student in an accredited college or university.

Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship – $750 (2)
Due April 20
Two $750.00 awards are given annually to a student planning on obtaining a degree in education, in honor of this Past National Executive Committeeman from Missouri. To be eligible, individuals must: (1) be a descendant of a veteran who served 90 or more days of active duty in the armed forces and having an honorable discharge; (2) be a Missouri resident; (3) use the award as a full-time student at an accredited college or university; (4) provide a copy of the discharge certificate for the veteran on whose the application is made; and (6) submit an essay of 500 words or less on the subject: ‘In your opinion, what was the most significant world event of 2015/2016?’

Joseph J. Frank Scholarship – $750 (5)
Due April 20
Five awards of $750.00 are given annually to individuals who are descendants of a veteran. Applicant must have attended a full session of The American Legion Boys State or The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Applicants must be unmarried, under the age of 21, a current resident of the state of Missouri and must use the scholarship as a full time student in an accredited college or university.

Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship – $1,000 (2)
Due April 20
Two awards of $1,000 each are given each year. One to a boy who has attended a full session of The American Legion Boys State of Missouri or a full session of the Department’s Cadet Patrol Academy. The second award is given to a girl who has attended a full session of The American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State program or a full session of the Department’s Cadet Patrol Academy. Candidate must be the descendant of a veteran who has been honorably discharged.

M.D. “Jack” Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Scholarship – $1,000
Due April 20
This award is available to a Missouri boy or girl training to be a Registered Nurse, and may be used in their freshman or subsequent college years. The student must have graduated in the top forty percent of their high school class or have a “C” or equivalent standing from their last college or university semester. Candidate must be the descendant of a veteran who has been honorably discharged.

The Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc. Scholarship – $1,000
Due April 30
Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc. awards an annual $1,000 scholarship in order to give back to the community. Arch City wants to give a helping hand to a deserving student from a lower income family from Missouri and Illinois. Applications for the scholarship can be submitted by any high school senior or college freshman from the state of Missouri or Southern Illinois.

B. Davis Scholarship – $1,000
Due May 22
The generosity of our site sponsors have allowed us to offer a scholarship to help the students who visit our site. This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution. To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay of less than 1000 words on the topic. Please see the page for further details.

Global Life Equipment Scholarship – $500
Due June 15
Global Life Equipment is offering a scholarship to any student that has a GPA of 2.5 or higher that is planning on attending any post-secondary institution this coming fall. To apply, you must submit a short story about one of the equipment they sell on their page. Please see the above link or click HERE for more information.

UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship – $1,000
Due July 31
The Scholarship is open nationwide to those who will be attending college fall semester of 2018. Special consideration will be give to an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career in Home Healthcare and knows someone that worked in the nuclear industry and was subsequently approved for benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICPA), but anyone meeting the requirements can demonstrate an interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare will be considered.