Middle School Teachers

7th, 8th, and 9th Grade History

Email: —@newburg.k12.mo.us

5th and 6th Grade Communication Arts

Tabra McCray 
Email: tmccray@newburg.k12.mo.us

7th and 8th Grade Physical Education

Logan Ray
Email: lray@newburg.k12.mo.us

5th and 6th Grade Science

Christy Campbell
Email: ccampbell@newburg.k12.mo.us

5th and 6th Grade Social Studies

Teresa West & Christy Campell
Email: twest@newburg.k12.mo.us
Email: ccampbell@newburg.k12.mo.us

7th and 8th Grade English

Matthew Wisdom
Email: mwisdom@newburg.k12.mo.us

7th and 8th Grade Art

Ni’Cole Guffey
Email: nguffey@newburg.k12.mo.us

Special Education

Katherine Mudd
Email: kmudd@newburg.k12.mo.us


Casey Clark
Email: cclark@newburg.k12.mo.us

5th and 6th Grade Math

Teresa West
Email: twest@newburg.k12.mo.us

7th and 8th Grade Math

Tyler Benson
Email: tbenson@newburg.k12.mo.us

Vocal Music

Chris Jessen
Email: cjessen@newburg.k12.mo.us

7th and 8th Grade Science

Andrew Lott
Email: alott@newburg.k12.mo.us

Speech-Language Pathologists

Robin Cook
Email: rcook@newburg.k12.mo.us

Carol Myers
Email: cmyers@newburg.k12.mo.us