Daily Bulletin

September 20, 2018


Day: 25

Days Left: 135

Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 PicsHappy Thursday/Friday everybody!!! No School tomorrow!!!! Enjoy your long weekend!

Stuco meeting today, Wolf Time, in Mr Herdade’s room-2 story building just above the HS Office. Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture Day will be Thursday, October 4.

Some updates have been made to our text message notification system (School Messenger). If you think you should be receiving text message notifications from Newburg R-II Schools and are not, simply text “yes” to 67587. You should receive a reply acknowledging your message. If you do not receive a reply, notify the school (tech@newburg.k12.mo.uskdelong@newburg.k12.mo.us ordebarnes@newburg.k12.mo.us) that your phone number is missing from our messaging system.

Dr. Lynne Reed

Newburg R-II Schools
573-762-9653, Ext. 1003

 Beta Re-organizational meeting on Wed. During Wolf Time.  Music Room.

Junior Beta Re-Organizational meeting on Trs. During Wolf Time.  Music Room.

Those Junior Beta members who WERE 8th graders last year and are now FRESHMEN will need to attend the Beta Meeting on Wed.

Thanks, Jessen

 There will be a meeting in the cafeteria during Wolf time Thursday, Sept 20th for Spring girls soccer.

Students: You are not allowed to use the vending machine during lunch!~



Students: You must check out a lock for your locker from the High School Office. You are not allowed to put your personal lock on your locker!!!! If you have one on your locker, please remove it!!!

Students: The 2017-18 Elementary Yearbook has arrived!!!!  Get your copy now!  Limited supply!   Available for purchase in the Elementary Office for $10 each.

Students:  Effective Thursday, August 30, students may wear headbands to include bandanas. However, baseball caps, cowboy hats and hoods are not allowed after the first bell.


Student Drivers: You must park in the spot that you were in Last Friday, August 24. You were assigned that spot. If you forgot or need help remembering, do not hesitate to see Ms Sandra. If a student does not drive, that does not mean you can park in their spot!!!!!!
If you do not cooperate, your driving privileges will be revoked.




Your community health center has new hours at school:

Monday 7:30 to 4:30

Thursday 0730 to 1130

The clinic is located 2 doors down from the nurse’s office.  Students, staff, and families can be seen at the clinic.  Paperwork must be completed before seen.  They accept most insurances, and a sliding scale payment is used for people with no insurance.

Thank you, Nurse Carla




Students: Make sure you have your lunch cards with you everyday for lunch and breakfast.





Students the Central Office door on the left (as you come in) is OPEN in the morning before school starts – no need to push the buzzer.  Thank you

  • Student Drivers: If you are a new driver, you must fill out a driving form, you can pick one up in the HS Office from Ms. Sandra


 Counselors Pagecounselor


There will be two FAFSA nights coming up for college-bound seniors and their families needing information and help with financial aid.

Wednesday, September 26th at 6:30 pm is an informational night.

Wednesday, October 17th at 6:30 pm is a workshop night.

For the workshop, families will need their 2017 tax information.

Community Events

For more info call: 573-364-1901 or on the web www.rollanazarene.com

 Abundant Blessings also hosts Free Senior Luncheon Every 4th Wednesday,  from 11AM-1PM


Worship Every Thursday Night @ 6PM {Dinner Follows}




2018 Fall Sports Schedule


2018-2019 Varsity Fall Season Softball Schedule
Date Opponent Location Time Outcome Score
Aug 24 Russellville Away 5:00 PM  cancelled
Aug 27 – Sep 1 Frisco League Tournament
Sep 4 Belle Away 5:00 PM
Sep 6 Dixon Home 5:00 PM
Sep 7 Stoutland Away 5:00 PM  Rescheduled to Sept 25th
Sep 10 Laquey Home 5:00 PM
Sep 11 Iberia Away 5:00 PM
Sep 14 Vienna Away 5:00 PM
Sep 18 St. Elizabeth Away 5:00 PM
Sep 20 Crocker Home 5:00 PM
Sep 22 St James Tournament
Sep 27 Laquey Away 5:00 PM
Sep 28 Bourbon Away 4:30 PM
Sep 29 Vienna Invitational Tournament
Oct 1 Steelville Home 5:00 PM
Oct 4 Richland Home 5:00 PM  Moved to Oct 3
Oct 8 Cuba Home 5:00 PM


2018-2019 Varsity Fall Season Baseball Schedule
Date Opponent Location Time Outcome Score
Aug 24 – 25 Newburg Baseball Tournament
Aug 28 Plato Home 5:00 PM
Aug 30 Dixon Away 5:00 PM
Sep 4 Bourbon Home 5:00 PM
Sep 7 Crocker Home 5:00 PM
Sep 11 Licking Home 5:00 PM
Sep 13 Richland Away 5:00 PM
Sep 15 Calvary Lutheran Home 5:00 PM
Sep 17 Belle Away 5:00 PM
Sep 18 Vienna Away 5:00 PM
Sep 21 – 22 Fall Classic
Sep 24 Laquey Away 5:00 PM
Sep 25 Iberia Home 5:00 PM
Sep 27 Stoutland Home 5:00 PM
Oct 1 – 6 Frisco League Tournament
Oct 9 Tuscumbia Home 5:00 PM


Newburg Junior High Basketball Schedule


Date             Time            Opponent                                   Location

9/4-9/8                     (Richland Tournament)                      Richland-Game for Friday-starts at 5:15 and bus leaves at 3pm

9/11/18         5:00 PM       Dixon                                          Dixon

9/18/18 5:00 PM Plato Newburg

9/21/18        5:00 PM       Iberia                                            Iberia

9/24/18 Moved to 10/9        5:00 PM       Linn                                             Linn

9/28/18         1:00 PM       Stoutland                                   Stoutland

10/5/18         5:00 PM       Crocker                                      Newburg                              

10/8/18 5:00 PM  Moved to 10/1/18     Richland                                             Richland

10/11/18 5:30 PM Green Forest                                          Newburg

10/12/18       1:00 PM       Laquey                                       Newburg

10/16-10/21      (Frisco A & B Tournaments)       Boys @ Plato/Girls @Iberia

10/22/18       5:00 PM       Phelps County R-3                    Newburg

10/23/18       5:00 PM       Vienna                                        Newburg


HS Girls Basketball

2018-2019 Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule
Date Opponent Location Time Outcome Score
Nov 19 Summersville Away 6:00 PM    
Dec 3 Belle Home 6:00 PM    
Dec 6 Dixon Home 6:00 PM    
Dec 10 Houston Home 6:00 PM    
Dec 13 RUSH Sr. Home School (Nixa, MO) Away 5:00 PM    
Dec 17 Bourbon Away 6:00 PM    
Dec 27 – 29 Linn Varsity Tournament        
Jan 3 Iberia Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 7 Plato Away 6:00 PM    
Jan 10 Richland Away 6:00 PM    
Jan 14 Crocker Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 17 Licking Away 6:00 PM    
Jan 21 Laquey Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 24 Cuba Away 6:00 PM    
Jan 28 – Feb 2 Newburg Girls Invitational        
Feb 4 Steelville Away 6:00 PM    
Feb 11 Stoutland Home 6:00 PM    

HS Boys Basketball



2018-2019 Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule
Date Opponent Location Time    
Nov 16 – 17 Show Me vs Frisco Shootout        
Nov 24 – Dec 1 Frisco League Tournament        
Dec 7 Stoutland Home 6:00 PM    
Dec 11 Bourbon Away 5:30 PM    
Dec 13 Iberia Away 6:00 PM    
Dec 15 Crocker Shootout        
Dec 18 Vienna Away 6:00 PM    
Dec 20 Owensville Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 4 – 5 Calvary Lutheran Tournament        
Jan 8 Crocker Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 11 Plato Home 6:00 PM    
Jan 14 – 18 3rd Annual Belle Tournament        
Jan 25 Steelville Away 6:00 PM    
Jan 29 Belle Home 6:00 PM    
Feb 1 Cuba Home 6:00 PM    
Feb 5 Licking Away 6:00 PM    
Feb 8 Dixon Home 6:00 PM    
Feb 12 Richland Away 6:00 PM    
Feb 15 Laquey Away 6:00 PM    


Lunch and Breakfast Menu


Starting Monday, the cafeteria will be serving A La Carte’ items to 4-12 grade

Chips $0.75
Rice Krispy Treats $0.75
Motts Fruit Snacks $0.75

Pudding  $0.75
2 Cookies $0.50
Beef Sticks $1.25



Click on the appropriate menu for your student.



High School Breakfast

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September Birthdays-Kaylee Gibson tomorrow