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September 16, 2019


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Cheerleaders:  Any 9-12 graders interested in cheer for the varsity basketball season are invited to a meeting in the cafeteria during Wolf Time Wednesday, September 18.

The Painted Faces Theatre Group presents Everything & All At Once! Come check out this year’s variety show from your favorite highschool theater troupe. Hosted by Mr. Wisdom, this show is sure to bring you tears as you laugh the whole night. This year we have 3 nights of madness for your viewing pleasure. Come see us October 22, 24, and 25 in the Old Gym at 6:30 pm and see a different pair of special guest stars each night! . 

Night 1: Mr. Lott and Mrs. Jackson.

Night 2: Mr. Herdade and Ms. Sandra.

Night 3: Mr Insall and Mr. Miller.

The fee to get in is just a donation of any amount. You won’t want to miss any of these crazy nights! 

Your community health center has new hours at school:

Monday 7:30 to 4:30

Thursday 0730 to 1130


The clinic is located in the Vocational Building.  Students, staff, and families can be seen at the clinic.  Paperwork must be completed before seen.  They accept most insurances, and a sliding scale payment is used for people with no insurance.


Thank you, Nurse Carla



  • Student Drivers: If you are a new driver, you must fill out a driving form, you can pick one up in the HS Office from Ms. Sandra

 Counselors Pagecounselor



Community Events


Please join us on Tuesday, September 10th 3:30-5 PM for our Afterschool Program Open House!  Tour the Museum and see our new insect installation in the River Room.  Play yard games and snack on pizza, ice cream, and watermelon.  Find out what we have planned for our Program this fall.  All ages are welcome and our programs are free thanks to hardworking volunteers and your generous donations.  Visit our facebook page at NewburgChildrensMuseum or text/call 573-202-4415 for more information.
Newburg Children’s Museum



Newburg Junior High Basketball Schedule 


Date            Time           Opponent                           Location


9/17/19 5:00 PM Vienna Vienna

9/19/19        5:00 PM      Dixon                         Newburg

9/24/19 5:00 PM Plato Plato

9/27/19       5:00 PM      Iberia                                  Newburg

10/4/19        1:00 PM      Stoutland                           Newburg

10/7/19 5:00 PM Richland Newburg

10/11/19        5:00 PM Crocker                              Crocker                              

10/15/19        5:00 PM Linn                                              Newburg

10/18/19      1:00 PM      Laquey                               Laquey

10/16-10/21     (Frisco A & B Tournaments)       Boys @ Richland/Girls @Laquey

10/28/19      5:00 PM Phelps County R-3          Edgar Springs

2019-2020 Varsity Fall Season Baseball Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time 

Sep 17 Licking Away 5:00 PM
Sep 19 Richland Home 5:00 PM
Sep 21 Calvary Lutheran Away 5:00 PM
Sep 23 Belle Home 5:00 PM
Sep 24 Vienna Home 5:00 PM
Sep 27 – 28 Fall Classic
Sep 30 Laquey Home 5:00 PM
Oct 1 Iberia Away 5:00 PM
Oct 3 Stoutland Home 5:00 PM
Oct 7 – 12 Frisco League Tournament
Oct 15 Tuscumbia Away 5:00 PM

2019-2020 Varsity Fall Season Softball Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time 

Sep 16 Laquey Away 5:00 PM
Sep 17 Iberia Home 5:00 PM
Sep 20 Vienna Home 5:00 PM
Sep 24 St. Elizabeth Away 5:00 PM
Sep 26 Crocker Away 5:00 PM
Sep 28 St James Invitational Softball Tournament
Oct 3 Laquey Home 5:00 PM
Oct 5 Vienna Fall Classic
Oct 7 St. James Away 5:00 PM
Oct 8 Tuscumbia Home 5:00 PM
Oct 10 Richland Home 5:00 PM
Oct 14 Cuba Away 5:00 PM




Lunch and Breakfast Menu


Chips $0.75
Rice Krispy Treats $0.75
Motts Fruit Snacks $0.75

Pudding  $0.75
2 Cookies $0.50
Beef Sticks $1.25


Click on the appropriate menu for your student.



High School Breakfast

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